Short overview

Lung cancer is a serious health issue. Approximately 10,000 people died from lung cancer in the Netherlands in 2020. 


Why is lung cancer screening needed?

Lung cancer screening involves examining a large group of people who do not yet have symptoms, but are at high risk of developing lung cancer. By doing so, we hope to detect early-stage lung cancer in a number of people. There is a better chance of the lung cancer being treated if you have not yet encountered any symptoms. You have less chance of dying from lung cancer: lung cancer screening can prevent the death of 1 in every 4 people with lung cancer.

For whom?

You can become a participant if you are between 60 and 79 years old and, due to the answers on the questionnaire, we expect you to have an elevated risk of lung cancer.

Do I have to pay to participate?

It will not cost you anything to take part in the study. We will pay for all examinations that are needed for the study. Namely, the CT scans for which you will be invited. You do not have to pay anything for them and they will also not be charged via your health insurance. You will be able to claim your travel expenses.

For approximately 8 in every 100 participants, the CT scan will show abnormalities that require further examination by a lung specialist. As soon as you consult the lung specialist, all costs will fall under your personal health insurance. This is also how things were arranged in other population studies in the Netherlands. 

Want to participate in the study?

If you are interested in participating in the study, you can click the button below and fill in the questionnaire online. Even then, you will not automatically become a participant in the study. The study team will carefully examine the completed questionnaire. The study team will then determine whether you meet all requirements for participation. We will also send you an informed consent by post. You will only become a participant in the study once you have completed and returned the informed consent, and are deemed eligible.

We will notify you if you are able to participate. You can stop being a participant at any moment in time. There is no need to mention a reason in this case

Do you have doubts about whether you are eligible for the study? Then complete our online self-test to see if you may be eligible to participate in the study. This test offers a quick evaluation about whether you can take part. The final decision about whether you can participate will be determined by the fully completed questionnaire. 

Do you still have doubts about whether you want to participate in the study? Perhaps the decision aid can help you when making your decision. 

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